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Custom graphics and personalized merchandise featuring your trophy buck.


My Trophy Buck offers custom graphics, stickers, logos, shirts, cups and custom art. Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Canada, United States, Atlanta, Deer Hunting, Whitetail, wild hog, wild boar, dog portraits, custom art, Greg Daney, buckmasters, mossy oak, National Wild Turkey Foundation, Quality Deer Management Association, Real Tree, Warner Robbins, Macon, Fitzgerald, Roswell, Hunting, Fishing, outdoors, trophy, buck, yeti, apparel, shirts, orvis, cabelas, bass pro shops, sportsman, outdoors, beer, liquor, NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt, guide, outfitter, farming, tree stand, busch, Budweiser, bud light, coors light, pickup, truck, chevy, ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Carhardt, levi, lee, southern, civil war, bird dog, quail, coyote, predator, archery, crossbow, rifle, taxidermy, taxidermist, fulton, gwinnett

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Getting Started


Your unique, one-of-a-kind logo begins with a simple photograph of your taxidermy or European mount. That's all you need to do to begin to create your own custom shirts, bar goods and more. Great reference photography will help create a detailed logoof your buck you can't wait to show your friends and hunting buddies. Take the picture. Place the order for the Logo and Decal under Personalized Merchandise and with additional items and we can get started. 

Please review what we consider "Great Reference" and "Bad Reference". Images from the field are awesome for that quick brag to your friends, but we need your buck's picture taken specifically to create your master logo image.

Great Reference for The Full Deer and The Skull

  1. The picture should be taken with a clean and solid color background.
  2. You need to get your nose at the same level of your buck's nose and then move to the left or right for the best view of all of your buck's antlers. It is well worth your time to take the mount down and rehang it for a few minutes for the clean background and the nose-to-nose perspective.
  3. You should take the photo facing your buck head-on, as if he is looking directly into the camera. The goal is to get the angle where his nose extends from the body. If not, we do not have the dramatic shape of the deer and his nose will blend into the art.
  4. Be sure to get all the points in and make sure they do not cover another antler. This may be difficult but we will make sure you see all the points.
  5. Be sure to use your flash so we have detail.
  6. Most importantly, fill the frame with the deer so I can capture the detail and the unique characteristics of your deer's antlers. Do not cut off any part of the mount.  Don't be afraid to get up close!
  7. The Skull logo image still requires you to be nose-to-nose but you need to slightly move up and down to capture all of the antlers and points.
  8. If you are shooting a European Mount, place the mount on a table top or floor. Try to duplicate the photo below to get the angle of shooting up the nose of the skull. 

          Good angle for Full Deer.                       Great for The Skull.                         Full Deer logo photo                         Good angle: The Skull.


Bad Reference for the Full Deer and The Skull

  1. Do not take you picture on a busy background or we lose important detail and the unique characteristics of  your deer's antlers.
  2. Do not take your picture from under the deer.
  3. Do not take your picture from across the room. Be sure you fill the frame and do not cut off any portion of the deer.
  4. Do not take your picture from the front if you want The Full Deer logo image.
  5. Do not submit your photo from the field.


         Bad: Busy background & low.    Bad: Shot under nose of the deer.     Bad: To far away & lost points.          Bad: Shot under deer.                                         

        Bad: Busy Background.                        Bad:  To far way so no detail.            Bad: Shot over the rack

The site does not allow you to upload a file so please send your photo, dates, score and city/county state by email at Please include your name and address so we can match it to your order.

If we do not offer a product you would like customized or a larger quantity of a current product, please let me know and we can work to meet your needs.